Shipping incidents

Because of the problems in the delivery of material by shipping companies, your collaboration is needed:

We ask you to review the status of the goods when you receive them, and so, we recommend the following actions on all shipments:


When palletized:

Unsealing the black JBM film.

Open and check the pallet and its content in front of the carrier.

Always in front of the carrier, indicating conformity of the condition of the goods.


When packaged:

Open the package and check the contents in front of the carrier.

If something seems wrong, please, take photo and send it to JBM.


What should you do to request the claim to JBM?

Send an email or call JBM and indicate:

  1. A clear explanation of the incidence. Example: I have received the material and boxes came beaten. The pallet was open, etc.
  2. Invoice number or delivery note number realted to the goods received. Example: Invoice number 19099999.
  3. Attach photos of damaged merchandise, packing or anything you deem necessary to formalize the claim.

Also, you can send photos by WhatsApp to tlf. +34609008437 always putting the name of your company. After that, JBM will send you an email and will manage the shipping claim.


JBM will not be responsible for any return or complaints that don't follow this protocol.


Thanks for your cooperation.